These Awesome Underground Cities Might Make You Want To Live In A Cave

If you feel like you’ve been “living underground” recently, folks like the residents of Coober Pedy will tell you to chill out because they are one of the communities that have actually dug down...

What Travelers Need To Know About Coronavirus

Has the coronavirus got you rethinking your travel plans? We don’t blame you. Still, if you need to get away for a while then it is a good idea to learn all you need...

30 Of The World’s Most Incredible Canyons

  Do you groove on great gorgeous gorges? Going to see one canyon or another is no doubt on most people’s bucket list. If you’re still undecided about which canyon you wish to seem, here...

12 Places on Earth that are Thought to be Portals to the Underworld

Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa: Hole for Diamonds Mystery surrounds the Planet Earth. Although science and technology help in reaching or seeing places that people have never seen before, there are still spaces on...

15 Fantastic Free Places to Stay Around the World

Do you enjoy international travel? Would you travel more if you had more money or could find some way to cut costs? Are you creative or industrious? If so, read on, as we present...

11 Places to See Before It’s Too Late

  They say change is inevitable. With that thought in mind, one must wonder how much time do we have before some destinations and attractions can only be seen in a history book? With that...

15 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

  The year is fast coming to a close. That means it’s almost time to celebrate New Year's Eve yet again! So without further adieu, here are the 15 best places in the world to...

20 of the World’s Most Beautiful Public Staircases

Someone once said that while elevators are more convenient, staircases can be a veritable “window to the world.” Whether they go through the water, such as Holland’s Moses Bridge or are actually etched into...

27 Natural Wonders You Should See Before You Die

  There are numerous man-made wonders that are more than impressive. Ah, but they're even more natural wonders. Here are 27 you should see before you die. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia Victoria Falls is twice as deep and...

15 Perfect Winter Wonderlands From Across the Globe

  Are you in the mood for something different this holiday season? Do you enjoy winter but want to avoid the holiday blues? Try getting away to one of these 15 perfect winter wonderlands. Munich, Germany Munich...

These 7 Underwater Cities Are Open to All

  The phrase “underwater city” might make you think about Atlantis from the movie “Aquaman.” Plato even alluded to the fictional island many years ago. Ah, but there are actually places in the real world...

22 Mysterious Monuments From Ancient Civilizations

There are some questions that may never be answered. Even today, archaeologists and other researchers are unable to solve the mysteries left behind by some previous people. Indeed, here are 22 mysterious monuments from...

Top 10 Natural Arches on Earth

Across the globe, arch monuments are considered to be some of the most popular landmarks. Man may be rightfully proud of his architectural achievements but these natural arches have a symmetry and intricacy that...

10 Of The Most Amazing Places On Earth

The world is full of incredible places that many people don’t even know exist. Be it lost cities or mysterious, natural wonders, there are many stunning locations to see in this world. Here are...

20 Most Enormous Monuments and Statues on Earth

  Across the globe, artists create sculptures of icons. Monuments are made to commemorate memorable historical figures, leaders and moments. As we’ve previously noted, many of them are downright amazing. After many years of work...

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