Has the coronavirus got you rethinking your travel plans? We don’t blame you. Still, if you need to get away for a while then it is a good idea to learn all you need to know about the coronavirus.

December 2019

It was December 2019 in Wuhan, China when the world learned of people becoming infected with a new strain of the coronavirus . The new strain, called COVID-19 would also soon be known as 2019-nCoV, the coronavirus disease 2019, the novel coronavirus, and the Wuhan coronavirus.

Since the first incidence of infection, this new virus has spread beyond borders and across oceans. It has also drastically impacted international travel plans as entire cities have been put under quarantine and even borders have been closed.

General Terms

In general terms, coronaviruses concern a specific family of viruses. This family impacts birds, humans, and non-human mammals. Transmission occurs between species.

General Symptoms

The symptoms reportedly vary per species. Human beings typically develop some type of respiratory illness from a coronavirus.

Infamous Coronaviruses

If anything you have seen on the news or social media gives you the feeling of deja vu, you are not alone. Anyone who wasn’t born yesterday has already seen or heard about coronaviruses in the recent past. You may recall MERS (the Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak) and the equally well-known SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

Both of these coronaviruses have had historically significant outbreaks in the past two decades. COVID-19 is a more recently discovered coronavirus. The first reported human infections were reported two months ago in Wuhan, China.

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