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The 11 Best Cheap Tropical Vacations


1. The 11 Best Cheap Tropical Vacations

Are you ready to get out of the house and go somewhere but short on funds?  We’ve scoured travel sites to find some truly inexpensive stunning sunny surf and turf trips that won’t break the bank.  So, without further adieu, here are the 11 best cheap tropical vacations.

1. Cozumel, Mexico

If you like good weather and great prices, the best time to visit is between late March and June. You can spend all day on a Cozumel beach for free.  If you’d rather swim in a pool, buy a day pass at a local luxury resort.  You can use the pool and sun chairs and don’t have to pay to sleep there.  You can pick up a cheap souvenir and a bite to eat at the local mercado – a little market in the local plaza.

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  1. SURELY you’re only referring to the costs once you actually GET there. The cost of airfare alone would be HIGH to over half of these places, from the central U.S. anyway. Don’t you think that should be considered when you’re talking “cheap?” After all…flying is the only way you can get to most of these places.

  2. Hi!
    I believe, unless otherwise noted, we are not referring to airfare. After all, this is a column read by people all over the world. I believe we do sometimes reference when the air costs are cheaper.

    Since this is an article about tropical vacations, it is a given that you will need to include airfare in your budget, of course. As one could rightly infer from your comment, you can’t drive to these places. Thanks for your comment and your support!

  3. Hi!
    I am seldom in charge–if ever–of making the final choices. While India, according to the Koppen climate classification system anyway, would count as a tropical country, perhaps it was not as cheap as the 11 included here. I generally am given a set list and unless I take the time to justify changes to the powers that be, the lists are set before I write the articles. (Another possibility is it was booted off the list since we mention India in a lot of Taj Mahal-related articles.) Thanks for your comment and your support!


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