Italy is one of the countries that holds a place on almost everyone’s travel bucket list. It is a popular tourist destination with travelers from all over the world. Whether it’s food, wine, history, or the lovely landscapes, this European nation has a lot to offer.

Yes! If it is your first trip there, you really should be sure to hit all the major tourist attractions. However, if you’ve already checked all the iconic Italian attractions off your list and you’re looking to avoid the crowds, our staff has created a unique list of less-publicized travel destinations in Italy that reveal the country’s true beauty and can provide any traveler with an exceptional experience. So, without further ado, here are Italy’s hidden gems.

Italy’s Hidden Gems: Avoid Crowds

1. Sulzano

Sulzano is a peaceful lovely lakeside comune in Lombardy in the province of Brescia. More specifically, it’s located on Lake Iseo’s eastern shore. Here you can enjoy a moment of serenity away from the busy tourist towns.  

If you’re the athletic type, this charming hamlet includes easy access to the striking Antica Strada Valeriana hiking trail. Sulzano is also a great place for swimming and sailing. Enjoy the panoramic view from the fifteenth-century church of Santa Maria del Giogo. Check out the frescoes there as well. Finally, enjoy a romantic dinner and have a cocktail as you watch the sunset from the trendy and elegant Darsena 21.

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