The phrase “underwater city” might make you think about Atlantis from the movie “Aquaman.” Plato even alluded to the fictional island many years ago. Ah, but there are actually places in the real world where you will find more than an octopus’s garden. Rest assured there are real-life underwater cities as well. Here we present but seven stunning travel destinations if you would like to explore undersea cities and villages.

1. Shi Cheng, China

Shi Cheng is an ancient city now under Lake Qiandao. This ancient metropolis, founded roughly 1300 years ago, currently lies between 26 and 40 meters (85+ and 131+ feet) beneath the water.

The valley where the city was located was intentionally flooded back in 1959. The government did so in order to build a hydroelectric power plant and an artificial lake. The power station no longer produces energy but is a top tourist stop. The peaks of the submerged mountains look like groups of islets thus this place is nicknamed the Lake of the Thousand Islands.

The water temperature averages between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit and thus the underwater city remains in remarkable condition. You can see its gateway and buildings carved with various mythological creatures. The weather is always acceptable but the very best time to visit this Qing dynasty city is in the fall when it is sunny, dry, and colorful.



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