Planning a vacation can be a challenge. Transportation alone can be a real issue. What do you do? How about planning a vacation focused on walking? It’s not only simple but also affordable. To help you get started, here are 25 of the top vacation destinations that can only be discovered by foot:

25. La Palma, Canary Islands

This place is most famous for its sunny beaches. The climate draws millions of tourists annually. Ah, but if you travel deeper into the island of La Palma, you will discover a series of underground tunnels. These tunnels were dug into the mountains in order to ensure that the water could reach both the agriculture and the forests at the lower elevations. You’ll discover unique views and an aspect of nature you’ve not previously experienced.

24. Supai, Arizona, USA

Photo By: @tara1393_

Yes, believe it or not, there’s a small town at the bottom of the famous Grand Canyon. This place was created by people who wanted to get away from the city and live a more isolated life. The town actually must have their mail delivered by pack mule. Hiking here is obviously excellent as the surrounding Grand Canyon (complete with rivers, waterfalls, and noteworthy views) is a natural wonder. Click On the Next > Button to See Next.



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  3. Sure looks exciting …. especially NOW that Americans can’t visit in Europe bc of c.Virus.
    Yeah, too bad WE don’t have any leader to show the way to be careful, 6 ft distances,,
    and to wear a mask…. I said ” TO WEAR A MASK ..COVERING NOSE “. Be careful. JSR

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    That might be good for you personally IF you actually GO but it will impact negatively on all the places in Europe that make money off of tourism.
    By the way, you do not specify where you live.
    All I can say is my parents taught me it is both rude and presumptuous to badmouth the leaders of other peoples’ countries. So I avoid it . . . even though unlike many other, I have actually met a fee world leaders.
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  5. Chasm lake is amazing and you’ll get so see plenty of wildlife too. We did this hike just last Friday and our kids (15 & 12) and they loved it. While you’re at RMNP, check out glass lake and sky pond (you can do these two places on the same hike).

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    Wow! That beats ne for sure! I have not done any significant hiking all year! Thanks for reading my stuff!


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