Planning on winning the lottery or inheriting millions from a dead long-lost relative? Are you curious about how the rich and famous live and where they stay when they travel? If so, then look no further dear readers, Here are the 10 most expensive hotel accommodations in the world:

10. The Royal Suite, UAE

The Royal Suite is the most expensive suite at the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It is located on the 25th floor. The suite is 8,400 square feet and is accessible by a special private elevator. It features a marble stairway and pillars decorated in 22 karat gold. It is divided into individual areas for men and women and includes a large dining room and a library.

There are also three 3 “spa-quality bathrooms complete with marble and gold fixtures, and a private movie theatre. Cost: $24,000.00 per night. Click On the Next  Button to See Next.



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    No kidding, huh? It’s astonishing what rich people spend on these places. We here at this website, however, do not have that kind of money. Thanks for reading my stuff!

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      Perhaps there’s an issue with your electronics. Each entry includes a picture. Thanks for your support!

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      My guess is that when you are filthy rich and famous you sometimes have security concerns.
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