Water is essential to life. Without it, we cannot exist. Perhaps that is one reason why we have an interest in it. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to live near a lake, river, or ocean.

This is arguably why humans have come up with different ways to bring the water to them. One such method of bringing water to them is a fountain. Fountains jet water into the air or release water into some kind of basin. It’s sometimes designed to provide fresh drinking water and sometimes simply for decorative purposes.

Larger fountains are often found worldwide in the middle of cities. They are also often the main attraction in luxury hotels or palaces. Admittedly, they don’t make anyone younger, but they do entertain or attract people who appreciate their beauty. Without further adieu, here are the 10 most famous fountains in the world worth visiting.

1. Bellagio Fountains, USA

The famous Bellagio Fountains are located on The legendary Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. People fascinated by water are especially entranced by these particular fountains. This “urban monument” of dancing fountains are both entertaining and visually attractive.
The trio of fountains erupt from a man-made lake accompanied to the strains of pop or classical music. The show brings passing pedestrians to a halt and catch the eye of even the most jaded tourist.

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2.  Trevi Fountain, Italy

Finished in the 1700s, this recently restored fountain is a fine example of baroque design.  Located amidst Rome’s shops, clubs and hotels, you can’t miss it.  Topped by Neptune and his trusted Tritons, it was made famous by the 1954 film Three Coins in the Fountain.  It’s also included in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Roman Holiday.  Locals say if you toss three coins in the fountain, specifically with your right hand over your left shoulder, you will someday return there, fall in love with an attractive local and marry said Roman, too.

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3.  Crown Fountain, USA

Here in Chicago, Illinois you’ll find a combination of light and water that make up this artistic and amusing fountain found in popular Millennium Park.  More specifically, a pair of glass towers project actual LED images of normal Chicago residents shooting out mouthfuls of water into a reflecting pool of black granite.  All are encouraged to interact with this fountain.  People of all ages often wade in the pool dodging the fountain’s waterspouts.

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4.  Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, Korea 

The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain is located in Seoul, Korea.  Water shooting off a bridge into the Han River under it’s reportedly “multiplied” for a specific effect in this well-known fountain.  The famous fountain actually includes a total of 380 water jets that are strung out along the bridge’s entire length of 1,140 meters (3,740+ feet).

Thus the world’s longest bridge fountain is formed.  At night this famous fountain is lit with numerous different colors.  Additionally, the waterspouts are all synched with music to create a 20-minute long show.  Visitors can enjoy this show between four and six times each day from April through October.

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5.  Jet D’eau, Switzerland

Jet D’eau (“Water Jet” in English) is one of Geneva’s famous icons.  Situated on the lakefront, it reaches an impressive height of 140 meters ( over 459 feet).  The fountain’s water is pumped out at a surprising speed of 200 kilometers (over 124 miles) per hour.

A total of seven tons worth of water is propelled into the air.  This fountain is also lit at night.  You can even walk out onto the jetty from which the fountain actually spews.  Just be careful or you will most certainly get an unexpected drenching if you stay too long to pose for pictures.

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6.  Magic Fountain Of Montjuic, Spain

The Magic Fountain Of Montjuic is situated in Barcelona.  It was built in 1929 specifically for the Universal Exhibition.  In the 1980s the fountain was not only restored but it was given extra features including music, lighting, and special effects that make it look as if the water is actually dancing.

Officials report that literally thousands of travelers are drawn here on weekend nights to see the show.  The spectacle includes  3,620 water jets in 50 colors.  Some of the jets shoot high into the sky to the sound of pop or classical music.

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7.  The People’s Friendship Fountain, Russia

The restored People’s Friendship Fountain in Moscow is one of the few reminders of the now “late” USSR.  Ensconced outside the All-Russian Exhibition Center, it includes 16 large gilded sculptures of residents wearing the costumes of the different republics that once formed the Soviet Union.  It also has 800 jets shooting 24 meters into the air prior to splashing down into a red, flower-shaped granite bowl.   

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8.  King Fahd’s Fountain, Saudi Arabia

If you ever get to Saudi Arabia, be sure to see this fountain in Jeddah.  Modelled on the one in Geneva, it is the tallest fountain in the world.  It’s 260 meters (853+ feet) high.  It’s also unique in that it uses on sea water which is fired skyward at 375 kilometers (over 233 miles) per hour.  At night it’s lit with 500 spotlights.

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9.  Fountain Of Wealth, Southeast Asia

This bronze fountain is found  in Singapore.  Oddly, while it references life’s richness, it’s located in a shopping mall which makes one think more of earthly desires.  Based on a Hindu mandala, it’s in the shape of a ring.  The locals say if you walk around it three times while continuously touching the water, you’ll have good luck.  At night, music and lasers are added to the jets.

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10.  Dubai Fountain, UAE

The Dubai Fountain is found by the Dubai Mall.  Accompanied by music, it features a 275-meter curve of water jets, colored lights and is synced to both Arab and Western music.  It’s the largest choreographed fountain on Earth.  Enjoy dinner on the terrace of Souk al Bahar and see several shows while you eat.  It’s backdropped by the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa too.


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