Almost every top ten “must see” list on every single travel website lists museums. It’s good to get a feel for the artwork of another country. Still, the truth is you do not always have to actually visit a museum to see great artwork. Sometimes you can see great artwork just walking down the street or strolling through a park. So without further adieu here are the top 10 amazing giant sculptures on the planet.

10. The London Ink Swimmer

Located on the south bank of the famous River Thames between the iconic Tower Bridge and City Hall, you’ll find the London Ink Swimmer. This huge sculpture is 10 feet high and 46 feet long. This life-like swimmer who appears to be swimming through the very grass was actually commissioned by the reality TV show known as London Ink.

A major tourist draw and a local favorite, this statue of a swimmer required the work of as many as 800 sculptors. It was constructed out of a specially reinforced polystyrene. Reportedly, a few funny things happened in the planning and creating of this giant sculpture. In fact, at one point early on, as many as 200 of the creators did not know that the sculpted swimmer was supposed to be partially in the grass.

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