Are you a daredevil? Enjoy exciting vacations? Check out the 15 coolest zip-lines in the world.

MistRider Zipline, Canada

Get a bird’s eye view of the roaring Niagara Falls. Experience this truly precarious zip-line adventure across 670 meters (2198.16+ feet) of the incredible gorge, traveling as fast as 70 kilometers per hour (43+ m.p.h.). You’ll think you are soaring over the very edge of the planet as you dangle 67 meters (219+ feet above the powerful, rushing waters.



  1. Ok, it seems the person who wrote this article did not know about this in Acapulco Mexico. It’s just an amazing adventure.

  2. Hello,
    Usually I would simply point out that perhaps your choice did not make the very top of the list but could very well have scraped it and might be mentioned in a possible sequel to this article. Your “email” and the links you had included though made me think you perhaps have your own agenda.
    At any rate, thanks for perusing the piece. Sorry the links had to be deleted.

  3. Click bate. Longest zip line in Canada. Well, say it on the front page I don’t want to click through 15 pages after you lured me in

  4. Hello,
    Wow. I can understand why you don’t use your real name. I believe you are confused. Thus, I have to respectfully disagree with your comment.
    The headline makes it clear the article is about the 15 COOLEST zip-lines. It does not say anything about the LONGEST zip-lines.
    By the way, the word is “bait.”

  5. Zip rider, Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) Chihuahua Mexico. 2545m, 450m drip, 135 km/hr over. Clearly one of the most scenic views, not on the list?!?!?

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for your opinion. Sadly, not everyone made the top 15. For the record, while I wrote the article I did not choose the winners. Maybe your choice will hit the list in a sequel. Thanks for reading my stuff!


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