Do you enjoy exploring the underwater world? Do sea creatures such as sharks inspire rather than frighten you? Despite the way they are sometimes portrayed, there are some species of sharks that truly have no interest in humans unless they are hungry or threatened. So if you’d like to really swim with the sharks, here are 20 places where international experts will help you with that desire:

Nassau, Bahamas

Enjoy an underwater dive and say “hello” to the reef sharks of the Caribbean. Your encounters begin with a simple introduction to the sharks’ feeding zone.

You’ll observe how an unfed shark hunts in the undersea wilds to learn more about how they behave. The second visit, you’ll be given shark food and permitted to feed the shark of the day.

If you change your mind, and would rather observe from a distance, you’re given the choice to just swim by the shark. A professional will then feed the shark from a container of bait. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. Hola you are missing one excellent place. In phantom divers riviera maya mexico you can do one of the most amazing bull shark dive! A life time experience where you will have more than 15 sharks come less than 1 meter from you!


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