What determines the beauty of a city? Factors such as architectural style, cleanliness, landscape, people, peacefulness and more. Research reveals that colors play a significant part in a city’s beauty. Travel experts have determined these 10 places to be the world’s most colorful cities.

Burano, Italy

This place is actually a little island situated in a lagoon in Northern Venice. Here you will discover an archipelago of four different islands that are joined together by bridges. One highlight of Burano is the multi-colored homes on both sides of the canals. The green water in the canals separating the smaller islands reflect the brightly-colored buildings.

The colored buildings are a product of the old days when the major occupation was fishing. During winter, fishermen could not see their homes because of heavy fog.

They decided to paint their homes in distinctive colors. Today the tradition remains. In fact, today there is a specific formal process a local must go through when he wishes to paint his home. Before a resident is allowed to paint he must send an official request to the local officials who must approve of his requested color scheme.
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