Nature can be a real source of inspiration to everyone. In fact, being surrounded by the beauty of nature can be quite comforting. Indeed, when Spring has sprung people begin to focus on vacations with friends and family. Everywhere one looks flowers are in bloom and the land is a verdant green.

Nature is at its peak and we can witness it in all of its wonders. So, without further adieu, here are the 10 most beautiful valleys you should see.

10. The Barun Valley, Nepal

The Barun Valley is ensconced in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges in Makalu Barun National Park. Specifically, Barun Valley is at the base of Mount Makalu. In just one visit you can take in all of the beautiful scenic views of both the national park and the rest of this noteworthy valley.

Some of the highlights of this valley include the rich fertile forests, the craggy, deep canyons, and the high, cascading waterfalls. Observe and study the rare species of plants and animals in the South Asian ecosystems still preserved here as well.

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