There are more ancient cities now underwater than you might imagine. Over the years, some of these submerged civilizations have been explained. Others, however, have remained mysteries. Thanks to modern-day technology, we have the ability to see them and bring them to life again. Here then, without further adieu, are 10 of the most mysterious underwater cities of the ancient world.

1. Dwarka, India

Dwarka is referenced in the Hindus’ holy book. This once “mythological” metropolis was thought to have been built by none other than Lord Krishna 5000 years ago. It was also thought to have many palaces.

Many were said to have been made with precious silver and gold. Its ruins were more recently discovered by the famous National Institute of Ocean Technology in the Gulf of Khambhat. Using carbon dating, researchers determined that this ancient city is approximately 9,000 years old. Today it’s one of India’s biggest tourist attractions.

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