Other than the ocean depths, there is truly no other place on the planet that hides so much natural beauty than caves. These cavities and crevices deep within the mountains or beneath the earth are both majestic and mysterious. Without further adieu, here are the top ten greatest natural caves on the planet.

10. Painted Cave, USA

This sea cave is located within the popular Channel Islands National Park on Santa Cruz Island, California. The colorful walls therein are due to a combination of certain algae, lichens, and rocks. It’s one of the longest and deepest of its kind and is bedecked with multi-colored flowers.

Here, with the aid of flashlights, visitors can go kayaking. The best time to visit is during the spring. For it is then that you will see the striking waterfall over the entrance.



  1. You need to check out the “Cuevas de Drach” in Mallorca, Spain!!!! Beautiful natural caves.

  2. The name sounds familiar. Perhaps I wrote about it elsewhere. Perhaps someone else from Spain mentioned it? Doe it get a lot of press?
    At any rate, thanks for reading my stuff and thanks for the comment!


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