75 percent of our planet’s surface is covered with water. Whether it be immense lakes or deep, mysterious oceans, there are many incredible bodies of water here on Earth. If h20 is your thing, then you should definitely check out these 10 amazing places with crystal clear water.

10. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


This is the country’s oldest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot. Founded in 1949, it includes 16 waterfalls and interconnected lakes spanning more than 70,000 acres. It draws more than 1 million tourists annually.

The lakes are formed by runoff from the nearby mountains and they’re separated into geographical clusters. The color of the clear water ranges from blue and grey to green and turquoise depending on the resident organisms, amount of minerals and angle of the sunlight at any given time of the day.



  1. I’m surprised Lake Tahoe did not make the list. In 2017 it had an average annual clarity of 59.7 ft (as measured by a Secchi disk where it disappears).

    A few decades ago while canoeing Lake Tahoe with a friend, I dove in at the request of my friend to reach some fool’s gold on the sandy bottom just a few feet below the canoe. Or so we thought. I could dive to about 10′ but gave up and came back up for air. We had some string, tied a rock to it, and dropped it down. It did not reach bottom with 30′ of string.

    • Hello!
      I know, right? The folks who made the call simply did not list it in the top 10. It would have easily made it into the top 20 though for sure. Remember too with a lot of these lists it includes the entire world and not simply one continent.
      Thanks for reading my stuff!

    • Hi!
      The world is a big place. I am pretty sure that I have written about that place elsewhere if that is any consolation. No doubt it would have made the cut had the list been longer.
      Thanks for your support and please keep reading!

    • Hi!
      If you did not see any lake in North America then I suggest you read the entire article as there is one on the list. Thanks for your support,


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