The United States is a staggeringly diverse land of multiple attractions, landscapes and man-made must visits. From the sultry shores of Florida to the breathtaking wineries of California to the ice-capped land of Alaska, it’s an out and out adventure. Visitors to the United States have the tendency to explore one region at a time. However, the entire nation is sprinkled with incredible sights. From global attraction icons to the most splendid architectural marvels, the United States seldom fails to hold its visitors spellbound! Here are the country’s top 10 tourist attractions.

1. Grand Canyon

It is travel blasphemy to visit the United States and not see the absolutely surreal Grand Canyon. Carved from the Colorado River, this attraction pierces into the dramatic cliffs gracing the region. Stand on the cliff edge of the thrilling canyon to witness a mile long look out deep below. The most frequented part of the Grand Canyon National Park is the South Rim region. There is a massive visitor center and regular shuttle service during peak tourist season. The South Rim has a walkway that runs adjacent to the canyon, while offering panoramic views of the natural wonder. Visitor access from November to May is limited due to snow. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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