America’s highways are nigh mystical and have ofttimes been glorified in literature and film. The “open road” has become a symbol of an individual’s freedom. This might be one reason why US road trips are so popular with both residents and visitors alike. So without further ado, here are the routes to the 10 best US road trips.

1. California State Route 1

This route takes you from Dana Point (near San Diego) to Leggett. The ease of this drive makes it a good intro to US road trips. You also get to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean. If you take the trip during the summer months, you will probably enjoy the sunlight the entire day. On the other hand, if you take this trip in the winter months then it’s best to take the trip from north to south where it will be warmer.
Total Distance: 613 miles
Estimated Time: 9 hours
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