To say the least, these homes are incredibly extravagant. Seeing some of these homes may make some of us a bit green with envy but aren’t you curious about who lives there? Here are 10 of the most expensive houses in the world and learn about their owners right here:

7 Upper Phillimore Gardens, UK

This mansion in London, England was actually once a 10-bedroom prep school. The layout features such amenities as a gym, movie theater, a panic room, sauna, and even an underground swimming pool.

The interior of this renovated institution of learning is now more like a museum or palace. It’s replete with gold, marble, and priceless art. The home was last valued at approximately $128 million. It’s owned by Olena Pinchuk. Pinchuk is the daughter of the second president of the Ukraine. She’s best known as the founder of the ANTIAIDS Foundation .Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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