Bodies of water have often played crucial roles in world history. Various waterways have been essential to transportation as well. THere are cities today that remain famous for their canal systems. Here are the world’s top 10 most beautiful canal cities:

1. Venice, Italy

Venice is ensconced on a well-known group of 118 islands which are separated by their famous canals. The city’s islands are connected via bridges. In fact, there are 400-foot bridges and 170 canals. Travel pundits believe there is no more beautiful canal city than this one.

This picturesque place garners over 50000 visitors annually. It’s also the biggest automobile-free city in all of Europe. The gondola, a special rowing boat, is the preferred mode of travel. Venice has over 350 of them and no visit to this city is complete without riding in one of them. The main waterway is nearly 2,4 miles long and is named the Grand Canal. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. I all 10, no mention of Germany and it’s many rivers that traverse close to castles. I’ve heard the views are fantastic. Had hoped it would have been included herein, but also, I suppose it did not rate high enough on your scale of the ‘best’. Too bad.


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