Gardens not only provide people with beautiful sights to behold but also a sense of calm and even inner peace. It’s easy to lose oneself in nature surrounded by colorful flowers. If you’re looking for such a place in your travels, here are the world’s 10 most beautiful gardens:

Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Phoenix’s 140-acre desert botanical garden features a huge collection of arid-land plants from the deserts of predominantly Southwestern North America. It includes over 21,000 plants from a total of 139 different species and 1,350 different kinds of cactus. It’s most known for its noteworthy collection of almost 170 rare species of plants.

Every Spring they welcome a number of butterflies and the paved trails are well-maintained. The volunteers here are knowledgeable and when you need a break there are benches and fountains to enjoy as well.

Claude Monet’s Garden Giverny, France

Situated in the Giverny commune, was designed by the French impressionist painter Claude Monet and is separated into two areas: a water garden and a flower garden. He began work on the garden in 1890. He redirected the nearby river onto his property to create a
pond garden.

He filled the pond with waterlilies and built a bridge which is now covered with wisterias. The front of his former home has a garden filled with numerous flowers. The main attraction here is the climbing roses although there are fruit trees as well.



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