Castles are the most striking aspect of Asia and Europe’s heritage architectural landscape, while being an integral part of its cultural ethos or folklore. They trigger our imagination of kings, knights, battles, horses and thrilling conquests. It flames our royal fantasies and all-pervasive need to lead a regal life ensconced in towering palaces.

The walls of these medieval castles are replete with untold tales and exquisite lifestyles, which have in turn influenced popular culture of the Middle and Modern Ages. Well, here’s your chance of experiencing the remnants of a royal life through there palaces. Wear your invisible crow, and get ready to read our recommendations of the 10 most beautiful medieval castles around the world.

1.Mont Saint Michel, France

Nestled in the picturesque island community of Normandy, Mont Saint Michel was erected (with massive walls surrounded by water no less) for strategic defense purposes. The fortress also has humongous inner walls dating back to iconic historical period. The castle was the erstwhile abode of Saint Michel’s monastery.

It lived through a hundred tumulus war years, to be anointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. A lofty turquoise spire with a statue of Saint Michel on top is a striking feature of this elegant fortress. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



  1. I think that castle simply did not make the cut off. But thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my stuff.

  2. Hello!
    Unfortunately we did not poll readers for this particular article. Your choice does sound familiar though so chances are it was on the list but did not make it into this particular “top 10.”
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  3. Have been to Sant Mount Michel. Breathtaking. Would like to revisit. Know I would discover much I didn’t see first time.

  4. I must add Neuschwanstein Castle to my bucket list as something to do in Germany. Thanks so much for sharing


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