The US has a lot of great places to hit when it’s hot. Everyone knows the famous places. But many are unaware of the more private yet no less picturesque places available. Looking to avoid the crowds? Here are 20 of the country’s secret swimming holes ready to be discovered:

Richardson Grove, California

Found in Humboldt County, this is a scenic area that is rife with giant redwood trees and views of the nearby mountains. There is also a popular jumping rock. The pool has a varying depth of between five and 20 feet.

Oak Creek, Las Vegas

Oak Creek is a crystal clear natural spring situated one mile off the popular Oak Creek Trail located in the well-known Red Rock Canyon Reservation Area. It is also a great place for hiking and enjoying a nature walk.

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    • Hello!
      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that you are confused. Let me help.
      The United States of America is known as America. The continent you are referring to is NORTH America. There is also South America and some also refer to Central America as a specific area although it is not considered by all sources as a separate continent.
      Thanks for reading my stuff. I’m glad I could help.

    • As a matter of fact the name ‘America’ was for the first time used & seen on what is nowadays South America more precisely Brazil) in the Waldsemüller World Map of 1504 – based on Amerigo Vespucci’s annotations after participating of exploratory Portuguese expeditions to Brazil in 1501 & 1503.
      Later it spread to the rest of the land discovered by Columbus.
      US is far from pretentiously being America by itself.

      • There is nothing pretentious about it. Today people know what is meant when the term is used in this fashion.
        But seriously, did you read the article?
        Did you have anything truly relevant to the article to share?
        Feel free to share that by all means.

  1. Awesome swimming holes. I wish I had known about these when we drove cross country years ago! Now on my Bucket List! Thank you

    • Hello!
      I admit I did not know of all 20 of them either until I started working on the article! Yes, there are a lot of special spots in the world and some of them are in our own backyards.
      Thanks for your comment and for reading my stuff!

  2. Oh wow! Wish I’d known about this last year when I was there. I was not terribly impressed with the Vegas scene so I went out to the Red rock area and it was beautiful. Thanks for your article though. I’m about to do some traveling and it’s very helpful.

    • Hi!
      While you have to do Vegas just to do Vegas, there are a lot of places there for people who are not big gamblers too. You’ll find a lot of places ae like that. You see the tourist spots, then can go to some great places nearby that you will like at least as much if not more. I’ve learned a lot from this job! Thanks for your support!


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