The US has a lot of great places to hit when it’s hot. Everyone knows the famous places. But many are unaware of the more private yet no less picturesque places available. Looking to avoid the crowds? Here are 20 of the country’s secret swimming holes ready to be discovered:

Richardson Grove, California

Found in Humboldt County, this is a scenic area that is rife with giant redwood trees and views of the nearby mountains. There is also a popular jumping rock. The pool has a varying depth of between five and 20 feet.

Oak Creek, Las Vegas

Oak Creek is a crystal clear natural spring situated one mile off the popular Oak Creek Trail located in the well-known Red Rock Canyon Reservation Area. It is also a great place for hiking and enjoying a nature walk.

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  1. Hello!
    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that you are confused. Let me help.
    The United States of America is known as America. The continent you are referring to is NORTH America. There is also South America and some also refer to Central America as a specific area although it is not considered by all sources as a separate continent.
    Thanks for reading my stuff. I’m glad I could help.

  2. I would call Canada a country.
    I’d thank you for reading my stuff but I am uncertain that you have.
    Thanks for the comment, at any rate.

  3. Awesome swimming holes. I wish I had known about these when we drove cross country years ago! Now on my Bucket List! Thank you

  4. Hello!
    I admit I did not know of all 20 of them either until I started working on the article! Yes, there are a lot of special spots in the world and some of them are in our own backyards.
    Thanks for your comment and for reading my stuff!

  5. As a matter of fact the name ‘America’ was for the first time used & seen on what is nowadays South America more precisely Brazil) in the Waldsemüller World Map of 1504 – based on Amerigo Vespucci’s annotations after participating of exploratory Portuguese expeditions to Brazil in 1501 & 1503.
    Later it spread to the rest of the land discovered by Columbus.
    US is far from pretentiously being America by itself.

  6. There is nothing pretentious about it. Today people know what is meant when the term is used in this fashion.
    But seriously, did you read the article?
    Did you have anything truly relevant to the article to share?
    Feel free to share that by all means.

  7. Hello
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I guess everyone has an opinion and I should be happy people are reading.

  8. Oh wow! Wish I’d known about this last year when I was there. I was not terribly impressed with the Vegas scene so I went out to the Red rock area and it was beautiful. Thanks for your article though. I’m about to do some traveling and it’s very helpful.

  9. Hi!
    While you have to do Vegas just to do Vegas, there are a lot of places there for people who are not big gamblers too. You’ll find a lot of places ae like that. You see the tourist spots, then can go to some great places nearby that you will like at least as much if not more. I’ve learned a lot from this job! Thanks for your support!

  10. The above reply was not directed towards the author. It was directed to the hair splitter above. The article was great.

  11. Hello, sorry if I missed the particular location in your article. Regarding the short video that leads into the article with the little girl who disappears into the water hole like a slide. Where is that located?

    Thank you:)

  12. Hi!
    I’m sorry. I honestly don’t know. I’m only a writer and editor here. I think it might be an ad.

  13. Nope no ad. But it’s something to worry about having people go there and sliding into the cotton pickin hole. Especially a little girl, while her mother sits watching her jump down. If I was there I would of hung her plain and simple.

  14. Hi!
    Actually, Sharon’s comment refers to “a short video that leads into the article.” I guess we have to remember that in the USA everyone is free to parent their kids as they choose. Thanks for your comment!

  15. Only the United States refers to the US as “America” . The rest of the world knows it is NORTH America . Not simply ‘America’ . They consider it egotistical to claim all America .

  16. Hello,
    For the record, I see no survey that verifies your claim. But you are welcome to your opinion. People who live in the USA are commonly referred to as Americans while those who live in Mexico are referred to as Mexicans and those who reside in Canada are commonly called Canadians.
    “North America” is the entire continent. To help clarify, here is a quote from Wikipedia: “The United States of America (U.S.A. or USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or simply America, is a country primarily located in North America.” I hope that clears things up for you. Oh! Shall we assume you love everything else about the website and did not post that antagonistic opinion simply because you confused our site with social media?

  17. Jajajajaj! “NorthAmerica” is a continent? You neeed to go back and check some geography books man!

  18. Yes, “man”, North America is a continent. While your snarky remark does not bother me personally, I must respond to your post in order to discourage any further inappropriate behavior here. This is not your personal Facebook page it is a travel website. Please be respectful in your communication with other readers.
    Please consult this link:
    As you can see: “North America, third largest of the world’s continents, lying for the most part between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer.”

    Here is another link you should investigate as well:

    (May I also suggest you proofread before you attempt to judge the intelligence and knowledge of others?)
    What does “Jajajajaj!” mean?

    Thanks for reading, at any rate.

  19. Nonsense. I’ve traveled all around the world. People often refer to the US, much less North America, as “America.” These people are as foolish as those who would say that the “United States of Brazil” is frequently referred to as the “United States.” Relax. Good story, by the way.

  20. I live in PA and I’m from NJ. There are a ton of places way better than what is in your article just in those 2 states. The article was good tho. I would definitely try out some of those spots especially the ones in Texas. (And to the person who apparently doesn’t live in “America”. When anyone in the world says America they all know ppl are talking about the United States. Canada is just Canada.

  21. Hi!
    I grew up in PA! While I agree there are some great places in PA and NJ too, I am just the writer and am normally not part of the final selection committees. Thanks for representing the state though and thanks for reading! (I agree with you about “America” too!)

  22. Im a born in the US from Argentinean parents and I lived in Argentina for some years and they most certainly refer to us as Americans and the people who are being stupid about this have nothing better to do.
    Americano is what they would call me playing in the plazas of the city I was living in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Great Article!!

  23. Hi!
    To clarify, you were born in the US and people referred to you as an American. Understood. Thank you for the comment and kind words!

  24. Look up Fugitive Beach
    Rolla Missouri.
    It’s in South Central Missouri just south of Rolla and interstate 44 It is a MUST SEE for young and old. It’s absolutely Gorgeous

  25. And Fugitive Beach and Rolla Mo is only about an hour and fifteen minutes south of the Lake of the Ozarks. And Ha Ha Tonka State Park and their BLUE HOLE is less than 10 miles south of the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s just a couple miles east off of Hwy 54.
    And also look up “ROUND SPRING” CURRENT RIVER. Current river is in South/Southeastern MO about 30 miles North of the Missouri and Arkansas border on Hwy 19. There are Several Beautiful Blue Holes you can swim in and see it that area along CURRENT RIVER.
    JOHNSONS SHUT IN’S STATE PARK & ELEPHANT ROCK STATE PARK ARE ONLY 15 MILES APART ALSO IN SOUTH CENTRAL MISSOURI. They are also a MUST SEE you can Google any of these places and see what I’m talking about for yourself. That way you can see and read all about any and all of them. That way you can decide for yourself if any of the one’s I listed are any that you would want to make the trip to see from anywhere you might live.

  26. Why do I know that name? Have we mentioned it previously? Have you? Sounds familiar somehow.
    Thanks for your comment!

  27. Honestly, sometimes readers mention places that sound so familiar. Then again, I’ve been writing for more years than I care to admit lol
    Thanks again for the input!

  28. It’s astounding how people miss the focus of the article, and argue about something so insignificant. As an amateur cliff-diver back in the 70s and 80s, I made sure to book mark and save your site for my next cross-country trip. I visited “The Blue Hole” a few summers ago, and did a few flips (front & back), for old time’s sake, discovering “I still got it,” even after I turned 61. Thanks so much for your research. Definitely adding these to my bucket list.

  29. Hi!
    Thank you for your comment. I agree. Mind you, I also acknowledge that we are not perfect and sometimes things get lost in the translation. (Our sources are international.)
    Ah, but I am more amazed about your personal accomplishments. We are roughly the same age, and I’m not sure I’d attempt that. Mind you, I once injured my shoulder and prefer hot water over cold too but still not sure I would have tried that lol Good for you!
    Thanks for your support!

  30. Great read. I currently M going through cancer treatment & this article gave me some new reasons. it also has expanded my bucket list..I need to get well so I can begin this journey. I’d love to see all of them on list.. I pray I make it. Again, thanks for the beautiful & well written read.

  31. Thank you for your praise. A few of us have family members who have also fought cancer. We hope that by the time you read this you have rounded a corner and are already planning your first trip!

  32. Thanks for sharing these I would’ve never known about these cool places along the way in this country …

  33. Hi!
    To be honest, I would not know about all of these places either if I was not assigned to write about them lol There is so much to see and so little time! Thanks for your comment.

  34. I travel overseas extensively for work, and people across the world refer to the USA as America .

    Type the word America and what pops up… Old Glory… get over yourself


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