Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle for many, many miles across this huge country and its 4 million-plus miles of highways and byways eventually develops a fondness for certain drives based on mere appearance alone.

You might be an ocean lover, dig those pretty panoramas of pastel-blue and green water or favor the magnificent mountains.

Whether it be the famous Seven Mile Bridge and the Florida Keys or the Sierra Nevada, the oncoming Lake Tahoe, or the Dr. Seussian painted hills of popular eastern Oregon, we all have our personal favorites. What, though, are the most popular or most beautiful drives in the United States.? We went online to learn what long-haul truckers and other experienced drivers had to say on the subject.

These highway veterans mentioned their own favorite landscapes, from the famous California coast to the rolling Rocky Mountain roads. Here is where you should head when you want to experience the most beautiful drives in all of America.

1 . Alaska and The California Coast

One fave focuses on the Seward Highway in Alaska. It evokes familiar feeling like one might have taking the iconic route along the California Coastline. It just feels like America or certainly the one we often see in the movies.

Drive from Anchorage, Alaska to Seward and you will see some of the most beautiful mountains in the entire country. Furthermore, the countryside is full on animal life and eventually, you’ll see some great beaches too. It take approximately two and a half hours to drive this route.

Another drive that tied with the above route is driving north through the state of California. Highway 101 is not only famous but is a popular, iconic drive. It’s another motion picture ride. Yet another winner here would be to take Highway 1 up the scenic Pacific Coast. It’s mile after mile of noteworthy views. Highlights include the Big Sur area and the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.

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