Are you into spelunking? Are you at all curious about exploring caves? If you’re headed in the direction of the US state of Arizona, have we got the place for you.  In fact, we have several places to check out some cool caves complete with unique formations and a multitude of miscellaneous minerals too. Get ready to take notes, readers, because here are the 15 best caves to explore in Arizona.

15 Best Caves to Explore in Arizona

1. Kartchner Caverns State Park


This state park is located outside of Benson. This cave system was discovered by cave enthusiasts Gary Tenen and Randy Tufts in 1974. The limestone Kartchner Caverns are highlighted by the longest stalactite structure in the world, developing stalagmites, unique minerals, a large bat population, and numerous nooks and cavernous crannies to see.

Be the Gilligan of the spelunking set, and be sure to book and take the “three-hour tour.” You can visit even on the hottest day in summer because these caves are kept at a comfy 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Here you can see the different travertine rock formations up close and gain a truer understanding of the time required to form the fragile towers and spindles and geology in general. You can also go camping, go hiking, do some wildlife viewing, and rent a cabin if you don’t like tents. Visit the Discovery Center too. The entrance fee here is $7.00 per vehicle. 

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