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The 15 Best Swimming Holes in Arizona



You’ve hiked the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and even explored the US state’s caves. What’s next on your vacation itinerary? How about just relaxing in a swimming hole? Does that sound good to you? To help you choose the right place to cool off, here are the 15 best swimming holes in Arizona.

The 15 Best Swimming Holes in Arizona

1. Grasshopper Point, Sedona

Both tourists and locals love this sweet swimming hole in Sedona. This gorgeous go-to spot also includes lush greenery and rugged rock formations. What’s more, the previously mentioned rock formations are perfect for cliff diving. It’s easily accessible too.

This place features several swimming holes of varying depths so it has something for everyone. Not only can you swim in clear green water here, but you can also go cliff diving, or just relax and cool off. The surrounding area is also gorgeous and if you’re feeling athletic, you can also make use of the hiking and biking trails here.

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