If you’re traveling through the US state of Arizona and ignore the wee little town of Page, it isn’t surprising. Without any prior knowledge, you could not possibly know anything about the best things to do in and near Page. Ah, but the fact is that Page is actually almost always included on any list of the “very best places to visit” in the American Southwest.

Page is on the border of Arizona and Utah and offers visitors more than you may realize. Are you curious about just what to do in Page? Well, wonder no more, we’re about to tell you just how to make the most of your next trip to Page, Arizona. Without any further ado, here are the nine best things to do in and near Page, Arizona!

9 Best Things To Do In And Near Page, Arizona

1. Explore Beautiful Antelope Canyon

Ensconced in Arizona’s Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, Antelope Canyon has swirling sandstone walls and is one of the American Southwest’s most stunning slot canyons. It has an upper and lower section and is famous among aficionados of photography. The Upper section is reportedly easier to access.  

The lower section requires visitors to navigate a number of stairs and ladders. Both are beautiful, of course. As this goes to press, you can’t really explore this canyon without a Navajo guide.  

The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is in the early morning or late afternoon. It’s then that you will be able to enjoy the most impressive views of the scarlet rock. Plan ahead and book your tour.

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