If you’re in good shape and you’re going to visit America’s Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona, you should seriously consider hiking there. The scenic hiking trails there are the best way to truly experience this natural wonder. To help you determine which trails to hike, here are the 12 best hiking trails at the Grand Canyon.

The 12 Best Hiking Trails at the Grand Canyon

1. The South Rim Trail

Grand Canyon

The well-known South Rim Trail is where many visitors first see the world-famous Grand Canyon. It is a paved, 13-mile route with a comparatively minimal elevation change. Mind you, you do not have to hike the entire 13 miles.

On this route, there are shuttle stops, joining scenic viewpoints with such park facilities as the informative Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Enjoy the views from such lookouts as Powell Point and Mather Point as you make your way along the popular South Rim Trail. Veteran visitors confirm that Yavapai Point is one of the best places to see the sunset. The viewpoints can be crowded during the summer months so get there early.

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