Are you looking for a great place to go tubing? Are you headed for the US state of Florida? Do you enjoy laidback, lazy river tubing? If so, you’re in luck! Here are the 10 best places to go lazy river tubing in Florida!

10 Best Places To Go Lazy River Tubing In Florida

1. Ginnie Springs Outdoors

Photo By @thewolfpackoftwo


Florida locals will confirm that Ginnie Springs is one of the popular getaway spots. This 600-acre oasis is less than sixty minutes from nearby Gainesville airport, nestled on the Santa Fe River’s south side. Once a native Timucuan reservation, stone tools were manufactured here.

Even today, divers discover stone arrowheads and broken pottery pieces amongst the six springs here. Begin your lazy river tubing adventure at the convenient Beaver’s Landing access, and let the calming currents take you away like a classic Calgon commercial. The trip is roughly one hour in length.

You can rent tubes at the homey Ginnie Springs General Store. If you would like to use your own tube, you can fill it at the handy free air station. It’s open year-round and alcoholic beverages are allowed. It’s busiest in the spring and summer.

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