It’s time for summer vacation! We consulted several sources about favorite vacation spots to help make your decision-making easier. Here then, are 16 amazing places to take your summer vacation this year:

Sardinia, Italy

Photo By: miky_ped

This Mediterranean isle has the sublime weather, historic architecture, and great food of Italy and even more idyllic terrain. Stay in the capital of Cagliari with locals. Take the train and explore inland. See the Spanish villas and ancient castles. Follow the coastline and check out the sea caves or just chill on the beach by the turquoise-colored waters.

The California Coastal Trail

Bike hike along the famous California Coastal Trail. Travel the entire West coast of the “Golden State” via this extensive network of parallel trails for bikers, hikers, and equestrians. Start at San Francisco then stop at Half Moon Bay, and Cayucos. See San Diego and head for Mexico but don’t cross the border unless you’re packing your passport.



  1. Surely as soon as possible and I will go for it ! Smile! Need big headache vacation big time all over the worlds ! Hallelujah ! Smile!


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