Are you searching for a special slice of sandy paradise somewhere far from home complete with turquoise waters and pristine white sand? Which Caribbean beach is best? For your convenience, we’ve cut it down to these top 18:

Varadero Cuba

Due to politics, Cuban resort locations have the same clear water and white sand as other Caribbean spots but with more authenticity and fewer tourists. This 10-mile beach is lined with more than 20 different hotels that are comparatively cheap. You can go explore the caves in the keys too.

Maho Beach Sint Maarten

Here on this unique beach planes land and take off right over your head. Grab the nearby fence and see if you can withstand the thrust of an A330 engine. Visit the Sunset Beach Bar where they post the plane schedules so you can plan your beach time accordingly.



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    Yes, we reallt do have a lot of beautiful places on this planet, for sure! Thanks for cmmenting ans thanks for reading my stuff!

  2. Where is the place they show in the video? Of the woman walking across rocks to get to a swing looking out of the cave?

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    I’m sorry. Are you referring to an advertisement? I am pretty sure I did not add a video to the article when I wrote it. Thanks for your support though, we appreciate it.


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