As they say in Jamaica, “weh yuh deh pon”, readers? Well, mon, if you’re considering a visit to the lush land of jackfruit and jerk, and working on a list of activities, then this is the place to be! We recently consulted our staff and other sources concerning this Caribbean jewel and this island country.

Jamaica is the third-largest isle in the Great Antilles and is rife with multiculturalism. It includes African, Caribbean, Creole, Latin, and colonial elements. Here you will find a variety of structures including everything from barbecue-scented beach huts to exceptional English-influenced mansions.  

Visit the historic plantations, jumpin’ samba bars, unique museums, Bob Marley’s historic home, and beautiful beaches where you might enjoy an impromptu reggae concert. Need more to do? You can go hiking, learn about Spanish wars, delve into the depths of caves, meet reef sharks and dolphins, sample the local rums and beers, and socialize with the friendly locals too!

So do your due diligence on the different noteworthy all-inclusive resorts nestled ‘neath the shadow of massive, 2,000-meter-high mountains and prepare to book your room. Get ready to take notes for your trip itinerary. It’s time to check out the 15 best things to do in Jamaica.

The 15 Best Things To Do In Jamaica

1. Bathe beneath the Dunn’s River Falls


Nestled between Jamaica’s jammin’ beaches and the verdant jungles outside of exceptional Ocho Rios, the distinctive Dunn’s River Falls run through the hills via a group of stunning stepped cataracts. This is absolutely a must-see natural attraction. Tour guides lead groups of tourists here so that they can wade in the water and even climb the 180-meter-long natural shelves of terrestrial limestone that make up the waterfall. Be aware that this adventure is a little strenuous as you will have to cling to certain protruding rocks, climb water-sprayed steps, and wade through some plunge pools. Historically speaking, this is where British colonial troops fought with Spanish forces over control of the island.

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