Come winters and North Americans and Europeans decide to throw away their boots and warm clothing and head to some place warm, sunny and fuzzy for a well-deserved escape. Is there anything better than the balmy, bright and glamorous beaches of the Caribbean? From luxury beachfront resorts to private islands to budget hostels, the region is teeming with options catering to all budgets. From immersing in the vibrant local Caribbean culture to tucking into delicious food, there is just no stopping the bouquet of experiences that can be savored here.

Here is our expert list of the Caribbean’s hottest (or coolest if you please) destinations.

1. St. Lucia 

St. Lucia’s dramatic natural beauty is evident in everything from its sharp green mountain peaks to mystical terrains protruding from its crystal clear azure waters. This isn’t really a shopping or partying hotspot but there are plenty of romantic sights and adventure activities to keep visitors on their toes.

The island offers excellent diving and windsurfing opportunities, in addition to its naturally stunning hot springs and delectable local cuisine. There’s rarely a dull moment here.

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  1. I have a 50th coming up soon in October a would love somwere thats beautiful to lool at everywere i turn. Romantic too. I am.just back from.mexico and a was so disappointed in the overall outlook if the hotel ext there. When a ask dor 5*you expect to get it. Can you suggest somwere beautiful and spotlessly clean and no problems with foods.


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