If you like traveling by water, then read on, fellow traveler! On a luxury river cruise, you not only travel from destination to destination via sea vessel, but you enjoy delicious food, visit new and different places, and even learn a little about others for one price. Whether we’re going solo or traveling with friends or family, don’t we all appreciate experiencing new people and places, and unique cultures? Yes, some river cruises can be a bit costly so it’s smart to do your homework and try to get the most for your money. Thus, we consulted our staff and online sources to come up with the 10 best luxury river cruise lines on the planet.

The 10 Best Luxury River Cruise Lines on Earth

1. U by Uniworld

river cruise
Image courtesy of Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

This is Uniworld’s relatively new river cruise brand focusing on 25 to 45-year-olds. They’re trying to change the old river cruise paradigm by making some visible changes including painting two of their 120-passenger boats black and renaming them after letters in the alphabet. The interiors focus on more black, with white and red accents.

Some travel writers refer to this as “river cruising for millennials.” The company claims they excel when it comes to hospitality. Their staff makes an effort to fulfill every customer request.  

The all-inclusive cruises include regionally inspired cuisine three times a day, beer, wi-fi, and entertainment. The eight-day European river cruises are $2,799.00 per person. One of their more popular cruises is “Rolling on the Rhine” which travels on the river Rhine from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Frankfurt, Germany. 

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