Who wants artificially created and primped up swimming pools when nature has such amazing natural swimming pools? Natural phenomenon across the world has led to the formation of these stunning water bodies in the middle of nature. Which are these places that are known for their natural spring waters where visitors can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating dip? Here is a list of 13 stunning natural swimming pools that will make you forget about the man-made pools in upscale resorts.

Tu Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Tu Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa is a natural 30 meters deep hole that lies inside Lotofaga in a Samoan Island village called Upalu. The massive natural hole, referred to as To Sua Ocean Trench, is a huge attraction for tourists, in addition to the local beaches. Use the ladder given here before beginning your swimming sessions. The best time to visit is from May to November, when it’s a relatively dry season.  Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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