Winter is that wonderful time of the year when there’s just something magical about the air. There are festivals, gifts, holidays, food and of course, the surreal snow. The landscape is enigmatically transformed and wrapped into a hypnotic white hue. Some places automatically become more gorgeous in winters than the rest of the year. They sort of acquire a new persona or seasonal makeover as the leaves of fall make way for snowy terrains. And snow spells festival, joy and splendor. So, where should you head come winters. We’ve got your back there. Here are 14 most amazing places that look even prettier in winter.

1. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria has everything one needs for an ideal winter break. The bonus – it has got loads of family friendly attractions that will keep your little ones on their toes. For starters, there is skiing action for all levels. Then there are a multitude of other sporting events. Hey, flaunt your prowess at snowboarding (or take lessons if you are keen on acquiring some snowboarding mojo) and enjoy watching dog sledge activities.  Click On the Next Button to See Next.