If you’ve spotted an island on Instagram, then no doubt it’s on this new list. Each island has its own identity. Some of these beauteous isles feature rainforests, reefs, rum, and ruins. Some include cliffs, coves, and caves.

Others offer bays, beaches, blowholes, and boulders. However you define your personal paradise, the 20 eye-candy islands included here have something for everyone. There’s the elevated, unforgettable vista and natural beauty of Capri. How about Thailand where famous James Bond films were shot.

Into island culture? Go to Samoa where you can immerse yourself in the “Fa’a Samoa” life. There’s also the Greek isle of Paxos where you can discover the true Greek life and culture. Things change from time to time, and islands are no exception. From Bali to Bora Bora, these are the latest, most beautiful islands on the planet to visit.

1. Capri, Italy

Some veteran visitors refer to the Blue Grotto in Capri as “electric.” This gorgeous sea cave is often called spellbinding and reportedly impresses even experienced globetrotters. Nevertheless, this is simply the beginning of this beautiful island. Hike to the rugged ruins of famous Emperor Tiberius’ impressive Villa Jovis which harkens back to 27 CE. Take in the sight of the ash-white limestone cliffs, hidden little beaches, and the towering natural arch there too. See why this place has been a center of tourism since the days of the ancient Romans.

2. Whitsundays, Australia

The well-known Great Barrier Reef is one of the planet’s most extensive (albeit fragile) coral-reef systems. It is home to over 1,600 different species of dolphins, fish, octopuses, rays, whales, and more. Deep in the heart of this part of the world, you’ll find the Whitsunday Islands.

All but four of the 74 isles are officially-protected national parklands. Book a helicopter or seaplane and see the sights of the silica sands of the popular Whitehaven Beach’s Hill Inlet and Heart Reef. Stay in the luxurious, high-end Hamilton Island resort.

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