Always dreamt of experiencing a hot air balloon ride? How about savoring the ultimate adventure of taking in sweeping views of spectacular surroundings from several feet above? The sheer adrenaline rush of enjoying panoramic 360 degree makes this a memory of a lifetime. From Cappadocia’s mountain ranges to Colorado’s magnificent Rockies to the emerald pastures of Napa Valley, the world looks more beautiful from the top! Take the flight to fantasy at 10 of these incredibly amazing destinations for a hot air balloon ride.

1.Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia (meaning the land of good-looking horses) was christened by the Persians due to rugged looking mountain ponies and striking green landscape of dramatic rocks and plunging canyons that appear even more magnificent from above. You’ll see incredible limestone pillars punctuated with churches and quirky dwellings. The view is gorgeous from down too no doubt, but it is elevated to a surreal experience when you catch glimpses of the region’s indescribable beauty from thousands of feet above. Cappadocia’s grandeur and magnificence of the region’s wilderness is best witnessed through a vantage point view of its surroundings on a hot air balloon ride. Click On the Next Button to See Next.




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