Putting together a travel plan for 2018? You may be looking to travel for various reasons including history/culture, natural scenic beauty, action-packed outdoor adventure, food/drinks or maybe if you are like me – all of the above.

If you are tired of visiting, experiencing or knowing more about the same destinations that features in every traveler’s bucket list, consider visiting one of these highly underrated destinations. They may not be as popular as say a London, Paris or Hawaii but there’s no denying their subtle charm and sublime appeal. Plus, they are delightfully uncrowded! Once tourists find out about these places, you can be assured they’ll no longer be the charmingly unexplored destinations that they are now. This means its time to plan a trip to these places soon.
Here is a list of nine underrated travel destinations that should feature on your 2018 travel plan if you are looking for more off the beaten tourist track places.

1.Archipelago Sea, Finland

This part of the famous Baltic Sea is the planet’s largest, and the best part – not many people know about it! The massive sea comprises 25,000 miles of coastline and innumerable islands, where you can spend leisurely hours kayaking or canoeing without any other person in sight! The Finns obviously love their well kept secret, and descend upon the sea when it gets warm and sunny.

Head to Turku for a varied and growing food and drink setting. Finnish sun-lit mid summer nights can translate into lots of hiking, biking and other outdoor opportunities along tree-dotted islands. The quaint fairytale like cottages are worth witnessing on the way! Click On the Next Button to See Next. 



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