Photo By:Steven Haynes

Summers are the best time to head outdoors and enjoy the pristine natural landscape of several destinations around the planet. The ideal summer vacation comprises plenty of action-packed outdoor activities on bright, long clear days. Yes, and since the world loves summers, most destinations are sold out before you can say summer! Well, it isn’t too late.

If you haven’t already planned a much anticipated summer trip or adventure, here are our suggestions to make the most of your favorite time of the year.

1.Backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota

Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail covers Lake Superior’s western shoreline and offers one of the nation’s most picturesque backpacking trips. While beginners may cover only a fraction of the legendary 260 miles trail, seasoned hikers can cover it with some planning and training.

You’ll be rewarded with some of the most awe-inspiring views of glistening rivers and lakes as well as dramatic cliffs and rock formations. The hiking trail via 10th Mountain Division is dotted with hundreds of huts, which can be rented (book well in advance to avoid inconvenience). Click On the Next Button to See Next. 



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