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20 Of The Creepiest Places In California



If you’re planning a trip to California and enjoy what lurks between the dark and the light, then wander no farther. Be it creepy, shadowed figures watching you from the cliffs or a floating ghost ship hotel, there is much to see (or run from!) in the “Golden State.” Here are 20 of the creepiest places in California!

20 Of The Creepiest Places In California

1.  The Dark Watchers, Big Sur

in California
Image courtesy of beyondsciencetv.com

The Santa Maria Times reported that strange stories about the “mysterious figures” keeping watch on the allegedly inaccessible bluffs and peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains harken back hundreds of years.

They were first officially documented by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo back in 1542 when he was sailing past the range. The Spanish settlers there called them “Los Vigilantes Oscuros”. Writer John Steinback claimed to have seen them and even referenced them in a short story titled “Flight”. These shadowy figures are generally seen at sundown, watching and waiting, and are almost 10 feet tall.

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