We know everyone loves summer vacation! Summer is a great time to go places. But the truth is, winter is also an excellent time to travel if you know where to go! Just because it might get darker sooner, the days seem shorter, and the temperature may be cooler, doesn’t mean you can’t go places and have a great time! Indeed, as proof of that, we now present to you the 10 best winter cities in the world.

10 Best Winter Cities in the World

1. New York City, USA

New York City is arguably the most famous city in the US state of New York. The “Big Apple” is a festive place for the winter holidays. The iconic Empire State Building is lit up and the view of the snow-dusted city below is almost magical.

The Rockefeller Center comes complete with a brightly shining, towering Christmas tree and a fun ice-skating rink as well. Visit after the holiday weeks and you’ll notice that the drop in temperature results in the sidewalks, numerous stores, and assorted attractions being comparatively devoid of tourist crowds too.  

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