1The Most Transcendent Train Rides In North America

Image courtesy of White Pass Railroad

Well, train, train, take me on out of this town–Blackfoot, “Train, Train” (1979)

If you’re looking for a travel experience where the journey’s worth more than the actual destination, these train rides will take you through some of the most serene scenery in North America. Enjoy the old-fashioned feel of railroad travel. It’s a real road trip via railway as you thread your way through tiny towns and chat with fellow passengers on these 12 transcendent train rides through North America.

1.  The Cascades


The Cascades train trip goes from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada to the cities of Seattle, Washington, Portland, and Eugene, Oregon. It’s a scenic, relaxing ride past historic Mount St. Helens and across the well-known Columbia River Gorge. The 156-mile trek’s span from Eugene to Seattle is especially noteworthy complete with evergreen forests, Puget Sound, and a great view of the Olympic Mountains. Veteran visitors say it’s like being in a four-hour living picture postcard.

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