Are you tired of ordinary hotels?  How’d you like to check in some place completely different?  From futuristic pods to Hobbit-like holes, here are several unusual places to stay around the world.

The Jetstar, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

If you really enjoy planes then this place is the best place for you!  Presently grounded at Redberth close to Tenby, the Jetstar is an airplane from the 1970s that once transported as many as nine passengers.  Today airplane aficionados can spend the night there.

This unique, self-catered accommodation includes a single bed, a double bed, and a big leather couch on which someone can sleep.  Veteran visitors say it is a great place for couples or even couples with two kids.  You can even play pilot thanks to the cockpit’s Xbox.

Collective Governors Island, New York City, US

If you’d like to take in New York City’s distinctive skyline, you don’t have to book a high-rise hotel room.  If you want a memorable night in the famous “Big Apple”, stay at Collective Governors Island. Situated on a decommissioned, historic military base (Governors Island), this glamping spot offers incredible views of the Manhattan shore, the New York harbor, and the famous Statue of Liberty.  Enjoy eating dinner at the campground’s restaurant and some s’mores for dessert at a cozy communal campfire.  Don’t forget to see the city too. 

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