When you go on vacation with your significant other, you probably take pictures of the two of you. You’d think with digital technology the results would be picture perfect. Unfortunately, some people still can’t avoid odd or awkward pics. Here are 20 really awkward photos of couples on vacation.

20. You Don’t Need To Lie Down To Take A Picture

Image via Bored Panda

Yes, you want to take the best pictures possible. Still, you really don‘t need to lie down on the ground to do it. A professional could get even a clever shot without getting dirty and looking silly.

19. They Went To The Fair And He Had A Terrible Time

Image via Pinterest

Imagine gazing into your partner’s eyes and sharing a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. That’s not the case here. She’s on her smartphone and he appears to be having a terrible time.

18. What’s The Point?

Image via Need Funny and Giphy

What’s the underlying message here? Is there something Freudian going on here? We know what they say about men and guns. Does that apply to cannons too? It’s not easy sitting on something so big. (Yeah, yeah, we know. That’s what she said.)

17. It’s Not Cute When Your Kid Vomits

Image via livestyl.com

Anyone who has kids understands. You’re on vacation and someone gets sick. Hey, it happens. In fact, this couple had their kid throw up right in front of them as the pic was being taken. C’est si romantique.

16. Who’s The Fat Dude?!

Image via Bored Panda

Here this couple is posing for a photo with your woman that you post on your social media platforms to show everyone how wonderful your life is and there’s this random topless guy in the background with breasts bigger than your lady’s.

15. Creepy Couple?

Image via livestyl.com

Trust us, people don’t always photograph well. The way these folks are staring and not exactly smiling at the camera is a little bit strange. No doubt they were actually going for a nice family photo but this one is certainly not it.

14. Awkward Defined!

What were these two thinking? While it is technically “unique” it certainly distracts from the scenery and appears to be not only a little gross but way too painful to be funny. We sure hope she washed her hands after this particularly peculiar pose.

13. A Stroll In The Fall Leaves?

Image via Bored Panda

A shot of your femme fatale frolicking in the fall leaves could be considered clever but posing her like a corpse that fell from the coffin on the way to the hearse is far from it and all too awkward.

12. A Beach Photo Bomb

Image via Cheezburger and Giphy

Call it cliché but long walks on the beach can be romantic. This pair wanted a picture to prove it but unfortunately some gal (who may or may not have been the couple’s daughter) decided to act idiotic in the background.

11. Love Means . . . Not Having To Look At Each Other?

image via Bored Panda and Giphy

We don’t know why this couple is holding hands because that’s not even part of the picture that the guy is taking. This is one of those times when maybe they were trying for an interesting pic and they wanted to take something different… but it didn’t work out for them.

10. Isn’t It Lovely… To Have Your Child’s Face On The Shore?

Image via Reddit

The kid’s cute but this picture is creepy. Having someone’s face on the beach is at best confusing. Did your child drown there? OK, then maybe as a memorial but why would you be smiling?

9. A Ducked Up Pose

Image via Liveabout.com and Giphy

Taking a pic of your partner lying on some beach with a duck is strange. What makes our inquiring minds wonder is whether the duck was dead or not. Where did they get a duck and why take the picture at all?

8. Matching Outfits That Match The Landscape

Image via Team Jimmy Joe and Giphy

Sure, older couples wearing matching outfits is cute. Is it just us or do their matching shirts seem to somehow match the background as well? How does something like that even happen anyway? How could it have been intentional?

7. This Couple Is Not Even Posing Together

Image via Pinterest

If you’re a couple on vacation you should pose together. It’s an unspoken rule. These pics simply raise questions especially when neither of you appear to be looking at the camera. You might as well be shooting strangers.

6. Are They Walking To Their Vacation Destination?

Image via mpora.com

We have questions. Is this couple going for a romantic stroll on the freeway? Were they hiking to their destination? Did their RV breakdown short of it so they decided to pass the time talking pictures or what?

5. Do You See What We See In The Sea?

Image via chron.com

OK, that certainly isn’t a man-eating shark but it certainly is a confusing creature. Was this meant to be a cut picture with a costumed swimmer or were they photo-bombed by the clown from the black lagoon?

4. “You Like It When I Do This, Don’t You?”

Image via Awkward Family Photos and Giphy

Once you notice the grip this gal has on her guy you simply have to wonder about their smiles. Those smiles simply seem a tad intense. The scenery is pretty but the pose makes this pic awkward.

3. This Pair At The Grand Canyon Are Hating It

Image via The Mirror

You either like to see the traditional tourist stops or you don’t. This particular traveling twosome appear not to be impressed by one of nature’s natural wonders. One must wonder why they went if they’re so miserable?https://addtobucketlist.com/27-natural-wonders-you-should-see-before-you-die/

2. What Tourist Spot Is That?

Image vis Pinterest

We’re clueless as to what holiday hot spot features a big white bull with orange highlights. We’re unsure of why it seems a good place for a pic either, especially in the rain. Ah, well, “to each his own . . .”

1. Guess That’s One Way To Get A Picture

Image via Bored Panda

Amatuer photographers struggle for the best spots and angles for pictures. Heaven forbid they should settle for a simple, effective, normal photograph. Witness this shutterbug crouching on a little stretch of sand while his partner precariously perched for his potential picture. Stop trying so hard!


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