Due in part to the recent world health crisis, the ability to get up and go anywhere has become even more important to people who enjoy world travel. People have been giving even more thought to all the places that real people have always wanted to see–be it a city, a state, a country, or a continent–but have still not visited. Some of these places represent the most popular, iconic travel destinations, a few are more representative of the increased desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a couple represent the idea of getting to know one’s neighbors. Thus, in no particular order, we present 21 bucket list travel destinations to visit this year.

Bucket List World Travel Destinations

1.  Canada

If you live in the USA and have yet to visit our neighbors to the North, you surely should. After all, Niagara Falls still remains a bucket list attraction, and some say you can see all of it best from the Canadian side. Additionally, there are 13 provinces to visit, and each one is distinctive. Whether you are interested in the beautiful scenery, culture, the Northern Lights, or even polar bears, Canada has something for everyone into world travel.

2.  Mexico

It’s always a good idea to know something about your neighbors. If you live in the USA, this is but one reason to visit Mexico. If you live elsewhere, there are other reasons, of course!  

Mexico is chock full o’ history. It also features some spectacular beaches and a great place to shop for some unique souvenirs and even get great buys on things you could buy for more elsewhere. There’s also the culture, and, of course, the food. What better place to dine on Mexican food than in Mexico itself?

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