Travel is no longer restricted to putting up in plush resorts and getting a gorgeous suntan. Of course, some travelers will love this style of traveling. However, traveling is also endless adventures such as swimming in the midst of mighty sharks, climbing volcanoes and jumping off airplanes. Those seeking active and adventure packed vacations aren’t really alone. According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, 69% of travelers in 2016 said they wanted to try something new, while 15% wanted to experience adventure travel. The memories that last a lifetime are worth making, which is why these experiences deserve top spot on your adventure bucket list. Here are 14 thrilling adventures to get you started.

ATVing at the Salt Mines in Peru

Grab your helmet and take off on a unforgettable adventure of a lifetime by embarking on a quad ATV tour of the archeologically fascinating Moray complex and the famous Maras salt mines. The off the beaten path ride takes you through sites that aren’t accessible on a regular bicycle, making it one hell of an adventure. Not to talk about the greater freedom you’ll have to venture into little known exploration corners that retell the region’s intriguing history. Click On the Next Button to See Next.



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