No matter how often we see them (or even write about them), waterfalls are always a favorite.  Maybe it’s the crash of the water as it thunders down from high above or the sight of the falls as in their entirety.  Whatever the case, here are the 30 most beautiful waterfalls in the USA.  

1. The Multnomah Falls, Oregon


You’ll discover the Multnomah Falls, about 30 minutes out of Portland.  It’s the tallest waterfall in the state.  It’s 611 feet high.  

The surrounding area is also Instagrammable.  Magnificent Multnomah Falls are ensconced amidst sprouting maple trees and basalt cliffs.  The falls are spanned by the well-known stone arches of Benson Bridge which was constructed back in 1914.

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    • So you’ve been to Bridal Veil Falls and all of these falls as well? Or do you simply really like Bridal Veil Falls? Thanks for reading!

  1. All the waterfalls in the US are spectacular, and thank you for posting a beautiful collection ,but I really like the Iguassu Falls in South America.

    • Hi!
      Yes, there are some beautiful falls in the USA but I agree with you. No country has a monopoly on natural beauty! That’s what’s so great about travel. Thank you for your kind words and for reading my stuff!

  2. I love waterfalls. I like to sit underneath it and get that back massage from the fall so lovely and relaxing

    • They are beautiful, aren’t they? Personally, I prefer my water warmer, as in natural hot springs but I understand about the therapeutic aspect of them both. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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