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Despite recent world-shaking events, the fact is that life goes on.  Be it anniversaries, birthdays, or major holidays.  For those of you who think that a standard video call is no longer enough, we have the answer!  Here is a list of 9 creative virtual party ideas to make any night a real celebration.

1.  Virtual Cocktail Hour

virtual party

First, have your friends get dressed for a night out in their latest cocktail clothing.  Ladies put on a fresh coat of make-up and maybe even a new hairstyle.  Be sure everyone breaks out their favorite snacks and makes a fancy cocktail too!

As soon as everyone is connected, everyone takes turns sharing what they are drinking and how they made it.  For online ambiance, don’t forget the music.  Created a shared playlist consisting of tracks apropos for a cool cocktail party.  You can make it a group project to create the list or use a ready-made list online.  You can even serve as virtual disc-jockey during the cocktail call.  

2.  Cool Karaoke Night

First, have every guest search the online karaoke library of their choice so they can select their own individual  lists.  Once everyone is online, the party can begin.  It’s the host’s job to play each tune and share the song lyrics on his/her computer screen.  The host must also remember to pin each virtual vocalist to the lead video position when it is his or her turn to step onto the virtual stage.  All that remains is to take turns belting out the song lyrics to your favorite tunes.  Well, that and apologizing to all your neighbors the next day. 

3.  Beach Blanket Bingo

virtual party

You and your beach buddies might not be able to actually really hit the beach this summer, but you can have a virtual tropical getaway.  It’s time to dig out the Hawaiian shirts and tropical tops, floppy hats, and sharp sunglasses that you had all packed for your aborted spring break.  Next, set the sun-drenched scene remotely with your best beach background.  Search online photo websites for the perfect pic for your dream getaway and it’s tropical island time.  Make sure everyone has a tropical drink and some select snacks and surf is up, beach bums, and bunnies!

4. The Hobby Hang

virtual party

Interest in hobbies has grown thanks to quarantine.  Of course, today people feel the need to not only cultivate a skill but to share it as well.  Thus this virtual party in which everyone sets up their tripod phones or laptops so that their friends can see them and their current project.  Everyone takes turns playing the craft version of show-and-tell.  You can even offer assistance to anyone having trouble with a similar project.  If you and your friends want to try something new, you can all purchase mutually agreed upon hobby kits online prior to setting up your Hobby Hang.

5. The Great Game Night

virtual party

Video games, puzzles, and board games are popular again.  Playing some of them in virtual environs can be problematic.  Therefore, it’s best to go with a game that doesn’t require specific pieces or cards.  Choose a game that uses online word generators like Scattergories, Pictionary, or even charades.  Much like Cool Karaoke Night, have the host share his/her screen of the specific online platform if the game does not already have the capability to connect everyone remotely.  You can also try a role-playing game such as Dungeons and Dragons.  They’re easy to play via video chat since each player uses their own dice.

6. The Fab Film Festival

Kicking back on the couch and watching a good movie doesn’t have to be something you do alone.  Now that many people have extra time on their hands, you can catch up on those “must-see” movies together.  Create your own film fest!

Choose a specific type of movie such as “Classics We’ve Yet To See”, 1980s action movies or 1990s rom-coms.  Plan to watch a few of these films on the same rainy weekend and even throughout the following week.  Use a browser extension or an app to enjoy them together in real-time.  Don’t forget the hot buttered popcorn!   

7. Virtual Trivia Night

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You can’t go to the bar for trivia night, but you can recreate it online.  Choose a theme ahead of time, like TV shows, sports, history or even a grab bag of various topics.  Have each of your guests create a list of 10 different questions.

Have someone play host and quiz the group with all the questions or take turns asking them.  The first correct answer is worth one point.  You might not be able to buy a drink for the winner, but you can still make the game fun in other ways.  Have everyone send a dollar electronically and create a cash prize.    

8.  BYOF Night

virtual party
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Build Your Own Fort Night is great for a rainy day.  Embrace your inner child and create a fort from pillows, furniture cushions, and blankets.  If you’re home with children then get them to help.

Open a video chat with friends.  Everyone can take turns giving virtual tours of their cribs just like on the old MTV show.  Appoint someone as judge ahead of time and complete the call from inside the winner’s fort.  If you are in need of a little inspiration then go online.  You’ll discover many examples of adult-worthy cushion and blanket forts that you can share prior to the chat to give everyone ideas.

9.  Virtual Jam Session

Big rock stars like the Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga run entire concerts from the comfort of home.  You can too with the help of all your musically-inclined associates.  Use one of the specifically-designed online platforms to host your own awesome couch-side concert.  You can even record the jam session if you wish.  Simply have performing pals prep their instrument, choose some popular songs that everyone can play and you’ll be ready to rock.

So what are you waiting for?  Get the party started!



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