There are over 200 parks in the impressive Washington State Parks System.  (Who knew?)  They all feature an exceptional array of environment, scenery, and various recreational opportunities.  

So whether you’re looking to go hit the beach, cool your heels in a cabin, go camping or hiking, engage in water sports, or simply have an outdoor birthday party, Washington has the park for you.  So buy your Discover Pass and enjoy yourself!  These are the 13 top state parks in Washington.

1.  Beacon Rock State Park

Beautiful Beacon Rock State Park is situated in the popular Columbia River Gorge.  This park spans 4,458 acres.  The main attraction is its namesake, the massive 848-foot-tall Beacon Rock.

You can hike the switchback trail to the top of the rock and take in the great view.  You can also hike to one of the numerous waterfalls found in the gorge.  Veteran visitors suggest making the trek to Multnomah Falls.  You can also go cycling, horseback riding, and rock climbing.  You can visit nearby Portland as well.

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